This is the first official release of the software with English user interface. It features using Skype for sending out SMS or passing messages to Skype contacts. Handling data has become more sophisticated. The scenario start page now has the Data tab, where you can view or edit data using SQL queries. Prior to installing the new version, make sure that your update period has not expired. If the update period has expired, the new version of the software will run in the demo mode. Installing the software to a separate folder will switch the earlier installed version to the demo mode too. You can download the new version of the software here

Please note: until the end of this year, you can get a license to Call Office completely free of charge! Due to the expansion to the world market, our company gives a license to Call Office to every first user in each country of the world for the right to publish that user’s details along with a brief testimony on the person’s experience with the software on our website.