Call Office is a versatile and flexible tool. You can use it to dial phone numbers automatically, create an IVR system, send SMS messages and more. Its various features will help you automate telecommunications of any complexity. The program is supplied with a set of ready-made demo solutions.

A Solution is one of the key concepts of the Call Office software package. It is a saved software configuration that is built to perform a specific task. The basic software package comes with a number of standard solutions for the most commonly required user operations.

Test configurations

Test Call
The test call allows you to test the capabilities of the program.

Conversation with AI
It allows you to test the AI and voice recognition system by sending processed data to the AI and playing the reply. Ask the bot some questions about Call Office.


Calls to Customers
This is a test configuration that demonstrates how calls to specific customers are processed.

Multiple Calls
This configuration demonstrates how calls are made on multiple lines.

Survey Calls
This configuration allows you to make automated phone calls to study demand, conduct surveys and bring the customer database up to date. The program dials a number and asks a question. If the customer is interested, the program thanks the customer and saves the answer to the database.

Calls with DTMF Processing
Going through a call list and processing keystrokes.

Calls Switched to an Operator
The program will make calls to specified numbers, play a voice message and switch them to an operator.

Calls with AI
This configuration allows you to make automatic calls to study demand and bring the customer database up to date. It uses speech recognition and AI. With this configuration, you can conduct a meaningful conversation with your customers without using human operators.

Event-Based Calls
The program receives data for the call by accessing a web page. If the data is received successfully, it makes a call with the specified parameters. If there is no data, the request is repeated at a specified time interval.

Answering machine

Answering Machine Mode
An individualized message is played to identified callers specifying their account balances.

Answering Machine with IVR
This configuration allows you to receive calls in the answering machine mode with IVR. The program waits for a call, plays a welcome message, then uses speech or DTFM recognition. Depending on the information received, it states the outstanding amount or switches the call to an operator.

Answering machine with AI
It allows you to create an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that can recognize DTMF or voice. This configuration also includes AI that enables the program to conduct conversations with callers, answer their questions and offer them your products.


Text Messaging
This solution allows you to send out SMS messages using any text from your database.

Event-Based Text Messaging
The program receives data for the text message by accessing a web page. If the data is received successfully, it sends a text message with the specified parameters. If there is no data for the text message, the request is repeated at a specified time interval.

Receiving Text Messages in the Answering Machine Mode
In this configuration, when the program receives an SMS message, it searches the database for the sender's number. If it finds the number, it sends an individualized message to that number. If it does not find the number, the customer receives a standard message. Information about the incoming SMS message is then saved to the database optionally recording the date and content of the message.

These basic solutions are already built-in and ready to work for you. But you can change them any time by selecting a different data source, communication device, text message, or schedule.

Custom solutions

Call Office allows you to create custom configurations depending on your needs. You can create your own custom configurations in the program interface – no knowledge of programming languages is required. These are also saved in the software, which lets you design a number of convenient, customized solutions ready for use. With certain skills and knowledge, the users can set up these configurations on their own.

If it sounds too complicated, you can always contact our technical support to learn about our offers regarding the development of custom configurations. Designing a customized solution is not free. You can find out how to order one in this section of our website.

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